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Aug 23

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 4:46 AM 

Libyan "rebel" spokesman Mustafa Abdul Jalil: Do you trust this "zabibah"*?


A poll on whether readers trust the Libyan "rebels" cues up thus:  

Another Arab country appears to be on the cusp of deposing its leader. The rebel-led Transitional National Council is poised to topple Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi. Do you think we can we trust the rebels?

This is an interesting question on more than one level. Given the extent to which Fox News has been depicting the Libyan "rebels" as our horse to ride against Qaddafi to "victory" -- with stories today emphasizing a drop in oil prices due to "rebel" gains and a not-so-subtle plug for ongoing "technical assistance" for the "rebels" from the US and NATO as a means to prevent Libya from becoming another Iran -- the answer speaks to the influence of Fox on its readers and viewers as much as anything else.

As Lawrence Auster discovered at, the poll results do not echo the Fox "victory" meme -- not by a long shot.

Poll question: Do you think we can trust the rebels? Thirty-three-thousand-plus readers answered:




"Tribalism," huh? What about "flickers" of Al Qaeda? What about Iraq War insurgents? What about Danish Motoon protestors? What about sharia law enthusiasts and a zabibah-headed spokesman?

Anyway, back to the poll:


  Yes, we can trust the rebels -- 3.5 %.

No, we can't trust the rebels -- 81 %.

Chalk one up for non-Fox-News, reality-based thinking.


*Note from Andrew Bostom: As per Koran 48:29, and its mainstream exegesis, the "zubibah" is the skin trauma-induced “prayer bump” on the forehead (visible in the photo of Mustafa Abdul Jalil above) that comes from the repeated act of aggressively placing one's head on the floor while praying five times daily.

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