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Written by: Diana West
Thursday, December 27, 2012 2:57 AM 

A list of 2012 Afghan "insider" murders from the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

Complete? I don't think so.

A civilian police advisor with the NATO-led coalition forces was shot and killed by an Afghan policewoman in Kabul police headquarters on Monday [December 24], in an attack that seems to be the latest in the so-called "green-on-blue" insider attacks when Afghan army or police or gunmen in their uniform turned their weapons against their foreign partners. The female police officer, who used her pistol in the attack, was detained.

The following is a list of such attacks since the beginning of this year [2012]:

On Nov. 11 -- One British soldier with the coalition or International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was killed and one was wounded when an Afghan soldier opened fire following an argument in southern Helmand province. The injured shooter was detained.

On Oct. 30 -- Two British soldiers were killed after their patrol was being shot by a man wearing Afghan police uniform in Helmand.

On Oct. 25 -- Two US soldiers with the US Forces- Afghanistan were killed as one policeman with Afghan Local Police (ALP) shot at them in Southern Uruzgan province.

On Oct. 13 -- A soldier and a civilian employee with the ISAF were killed along with four members of Afghan National Security Directorate (NDS) or intelligence agency when a man wearing NDS set off his explosive vest in southern Kandahar province.

On Sept. 16 -- A policeman turned his gun against coalition forces killing four US soldiers in southern Zabul province.

On Sept. 15 -- Two British soldiers were shot dead by an ALP officer in Helmand.

On Aug. 29 -- A man in Afghan army uniform shot dead three Australian soldiers with the NATO-led coalition in Uruzgan province.

On Aug. 27 -- Two US soldiers were killed by an Afghan army soldier in eastern Laghman province, the attacker was also killed in the shootout.

On Aug. 19 -- A US soldier was killed when a man wearing an Afghan police uniform turned his weapon against ISAF service members in southern Afghanistan, no more details were available.

On Aug. 17 -- Two US Forces-Afghanistan service members were killed by a man in Afghan wearing ALP uniform during a training mission in western Farah province.

On Aug. 10 -- A 13-year-old student who also worked for Afghan police opened fire in a police facility, killing three US soldiers [Marines] with the NATO in Garmser district of Helmand.

According to the Washington Post, the killer was the 15-year-old concubine, if that's the right word, of the local Afghan police chief. After killing the Americans, the teen walked out and said: “I just did jihad.” ...

“These were jihad-motivated executions,” said a Western official in Afghanistan with knowledge of the incident. To suggest otherwise would be “profoundly distasteful and insulting to the Marines who died."

On Aug. 10 -- An Afghan police officer invited three US soldiers with the US Forces-Afghanistan for dinner and shot them dead in Sangin district of Helmand.

On Aug. 7 -- Two Afghan army soldiers opened fire and killed a US soldier with the ISAF and injured four others in eastern Paktia province. The attackers were detained.

On July 22 -- A man in police uniform shot dead three American civilian employees in a training camp in western Herat province. The attacker also killed.

On July 3 -- An Afghan army soldier opened fire and injured five U. S. soldiers in eastern Wardak province and fled the scene shortely after the shooting.

On July 1 -- An Afghan police shot dead three British soldiers with ISAF in Nahr-i-Sarraj district of Helmand after an argument. The shooter was also killed.

On June 18 -- Three men in Afghan police uniform killed a US soldier in Zhari district in Kandahar. The attackers escaped.

On May 12 -- Two attackers in Afghan police uniform killed two British soldiers with the ISAF in Helmand. One shooter was killed and the other escaped from the scene.

On May 11 -- A US soldier was killed and two were injured as a man in army uniform carried out a shooting attack in eastern Kunar province. The assailant escaped the scene.

On May 6 -- A NATO soldier was killed by a man in army uniform in southern Afghanistan.

On April 25 -- An Afghan army soldier opened fire and killed a US soldier and a translator in Kandahar province. The attacker was also killed.

On April 16 -- A man in army uniform was killed by coalition forces after he opened fire on coalition troops causing no casualties in a coalition base in Kandahar.

On March 26 -- An Afghan police killed a US soldier in eastern Paktika. The attacker who was injured in the incident was detained.

On March 26 -- A man in Afghan army uniform killed two British soldiers after an argument in Helmand. The shooter was killed by coalition troops.

On March 1 -- A man, who served as a literacy teacher in Afghan army, grabbed off a gun from an Afghan soldier and killed two US soldiers in Kandahar.

On Feb. 25 -- An Interior Ministry employee killed two US advisors in the ministry compound and escaped from the complex.

On Feb. 23 -- An Afghan army soldier killed two US soldiers in eastern Nangarhar province.

On Feb. 23 -- A NATO soldier was killed by a man in Afghan army uniform in eastern Afghanistan.

On Feb. 20 -- A man in police uniform fired and killed a US soldier in Kandahar.

On Jan. 31 -- An attacker in army uniform shot dead a NATO soldier in the south.

On Jan. 20 -- An Afghan army soldier killed four French soldiers and injured 15 other soldiers; one injured died of his wounds weeks later in France. The attacker was captured.

On Jan. 8 -- A US soldier was killed and six other soldiers injured when a man in army uniform opened fire in Zabul province. The attacker was killed in an exchange of fire.

Earlier attacks discussed here.

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