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Written by: Diana West
Friday, February 01, 2013 4:41 PM 

Regarding my last column, my friend John Bernard of Let Them Fight writes in to remind us of another result of our ride on what he calls the "bullet-train to `equality.'"

He writes:

Not only (as you mentioned) will women now be compelled by selective service, they will also be compelled to fill combat vacancies in the same way their male counterparts are now.
Nobody applauding this is thinking it through to its logical conclusion. Equality in [the military] also means being compelled to fill combat vacancies as they arise. Even though
the “all-volunteer”-volunteer can voice a desire for a particular MOS, he is nevertheless required to fill whichever line number is vacant and is for the “good of the Corps”.
Women who now want to “serve” in the MOSs traditionally filled by women may well find themselves in the ’03 field (combat arms) simply because the numbers
aren’t up “this month.”

Of course. "Equality" in the military means equal treatment, after all, something feminist activists  may or may not be mindful of, but those many Americans who have been conditioned to see the issue in terms of "fairness" are almost certainly missing -- until "opportunity"-seeking little Ashley, Hannah, or Megan is ordered to the front line.

Maybe Ashley, Hannah and Megan will figure it out -- and not sign up in the first place? Keep an eye on what effect the women-in-combat edict has on female enlistment.

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