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Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, February 05, 2013 5:37 AM 

An "Arab"-looking assailant just tried to take the life of my dear friend and editor Lars Hedegaard today at his home in Denmark. The assailant fired shots and missed.

9:59: English language account in Copenhagen Post

9:24 EST: Danish radio reporting police are evacuating neighborhood and will detonate something.

Update: Here is a rudimentary translation of the breaking story:

Someone calls on Hedegaard's door (he lives in the apartment building
in Frederiksberg). A man says he has a package for Hedegaard.
Hedegaard goes down (or shut the man up to his door?) to receive the
package. There is a young Arabic-looking man aged 20-25 years.
Hedegaard receives the packet, then the man pulls a gun and shoots
twice. He misses. So he shoots allegedly again, and the gun clicks ...
Hedegaard throws the package and the gun falls to the floor. After the
scuffle the gunman grabs the gun again. And again he tries to shoot,
and the gun clicked for the second time. Then run gunman its way ...

Details are still scarce, but Tundra Tabloids is following the story.

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