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Feb 18

Written by: Diana West
Monday, February 18, 2013 4:48 PM 

Behold The Mons Hall at Sandhurst, named to honor the thousands of men who died in the 1914 battle during  World War I. Soon its name will change to King Hamad Hall to honor the money of the dictator of Bahrain.

It's obscene.

From the Daily Mail:

The building will now be called King Hamad Hall and will reopen next month after being refurbished thanks to a £3 million donation from the king, who is the patron of the Sandhurst Foundation but is known for brutally repressing demonstrators at home.

Sandhurst has also accepted a  £15 million donation from the United Arab Emirates to build a new accommodation block, raising questions about the college’s links with authoritarian Gulf states accused of human rights abuses.

Wonder what will be named to honor that. How about changing Sandhurst to "Sandemirate"?

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