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Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 6:42 AM 

Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Saudi Arabia's Alwaleed bin Talal, shortly before Giuliani returned the prince's check for $10 million dollars in 2001, four years before Alwaleed became the largest stakeholder in News Corp outside the Murdoch family.


On February 18, RadicalIslam featured a Q & A in which I discuss Saudi scion Alwaleed bin Talal, his politics, views and controversies, and what impact his 7 percent stake in News Corp. (and Rupert Murdoch's 18.97 percent stake in Alwaleed's Arabic media company) might have on the massive gaps in Fox's coverage of the post-9/11 world: for example, the total absence on Fox of reporting on Islamic law and its repressive, daily-documentable impact on liberty in the West, the totalitarian goals and diktats of the Saudi-based OIC (as enabled by former SecState Clinton), as well as the overall human-rights-disaster Saudi Arabia (among other sharia-ruled countries) is.

On February 21, Fox News reported, both in print and on the air:

Saudi Arabia’s notorious religious police, known as the mutawa, swooped in on a private gathering of at least 53 Ethiopian Christians this month, shutting down their private prayer, and arresting the peaceful group of foreign workers for merely practicing their faith, has learned. ...

Kudos to Fox for using the word "mutawa" for the first time.

But keep 'em coming. That is, don't let this be a singular report with no follow-up effort to develop and deepen the mighty Fox audience's understanding of the menace Islam poses to freedom of religion and freedom of speech -- the foundations of modern Western civilization.

How about up breaking more Fox ground with this new story? It's based, amazingly enough, on research from  King Saud University in RIyadh: "Nearly half Saudi women are beaten at home." Then round out the week with an in-depth look at how Islamic influence is shutting down free speech about Islam in the West: from the OIC's drive known as the Istanbul Process; to the recent assassination attempt on Danish newspaper editor Lars Hedegaard in Copenhagen; to the raucous protests in Australia aimed at denying Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders' right to speak; and, to take things domestic, this month's beheadings, allegedly by a Muslim suspect, of two Coptic Christians from Jersey City, NJ.

Of course, if Fox News reported all of that, we might decide Islam is not a religion of peace -- and what would Prince Alwaleed have to say about that?


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