Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Election News 23 is here.

"The election was rigged."

That's the first thing Patrick Byrne, founding CEO of, tells Christopher McDonald of The McFiles (watch here).

The second thing Byrnes wants us to know is that he is not speaking as a Trump supporter.

Describing himself as a small-l libertarian, Byrnes explains he's never voted for a Democrat or Republican for president. His focus, indeed, his obsession, is the Constitution -- he has a Ph.D from Stanford on its intellectual history -- and his election computer fraud expertise comes out of his experience as an e-commerce entrepreneur. The two billion...

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Election News 22 is here.

Here are a couple of key primary documents, even if they are only tweets.

Last night, Trump's America was rocked when Jenna Ellis posted the following:


What in tarnation did this mean? The long knife wielders got out in front, salting eager media with anonymously sourced tidbits, "she through," "she's crazy," "even Trump thinks she's crazy," but surely that remains to be seen. Twitter moved in, just happening to take Powell offline for 12 hours, although I think the pause may well have served us all, kind of taken her off the hook for an instantaneous response until she was good and ready.

Here is Sidney Powell's full statement, which General Flynn, among others, retweeted. 



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First, before getting to the election news, watch these Buffalo business owners stand up for our rights against tyrants and be inspired.   

I know the news is full of the Pennsylvania judge dismissing the Trump campaign suit. Here's Mark Levin's quick reax. Looking on the bright(er) side, this quickly pushes the case into the appeals process, which is at least another role of the dice.

Meanwhile, Just the News reports:

In sworn statement, prominent mathematician flags up to 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots

Federal Elections Commission Chairman Trey Trainor says new analysis by professor Steven Miller "adds to the conclusions that some level of voter fraud took place in this year's election."

Just the News reports:


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