Saturday, June 12, 2021
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I have posted a new conversation-starter at my Patreon channel, "Sins of Omission." It is behind a paywall that is accessible for as little or as much as you would like to pay.

It starts with what happened when I was invited to go on a radio show where the parameters of discussion are set by Facebook, and what happens when we don't/won't accept that, yes, our own governments do evil.

All of it relates to what we are not told or refuse to tell ourselves: sins of omission and, by the way, American betrayal. 

I'm afraid we die if we don't fill in the blanks.

I utterly dread the news of each new day.

First, there is the relentless, escalating static of the propaganda outlets that deny us information about the flexing, "shedding" and constricting serpent encircling us with The Noose; then there is the slithering progress of the serpent itself, darkly, heavily camouflaged by media, big tech and government censors and propagandists.   

The latter include: 

1) FEMA bribing mourning families to get that Covid cause of death, to date distributing $128 million dollars to cover funeral costs of people who "died of" "Covid." Meanwhile, the bribery to submit to the experimental vaccine includes guns, beer, trucks...


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Rosa Koire has died. This is a tremendous loss to our world of blinders and ignorance because hers was a rare mind and spirit that could see and explain the biggest and darkest of pictures and  persevere, her sweet nature intact.

I got to know Rosa too little and too late. We exchanged books, my Red Thread for her simply must-read Green Mask. We admired each other's work and even talked pie in the sky about meeting one day in a garden. Early last month, she told me she was very ill.

But still she tweeted her all-seeing SOS signals to anyone lucky enough to have tuned in to her.


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If American Betrayal is one long assault on "the conventional wisdom" -- i.e., the fake history we are reared on and shaped by -- then, of course, it had to hit the beaches of Normandy, too. And so it did.

As I researched and wrote the book between 2009 and 2012, I couldn't help noticing  at a certain point of understanding (read: disillusionment) that the cross channel re-invasion of Europe (preceded, we "forget," by the invasion of Italy which even included the "forgotten" capture of Rome on June 5, 1944) was strategically essential to the expansion and consolidation of the Soviet empire in Europe; further, that this unnecessary (for many cogent reasons explained in the book by...

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My latest radio conversation with the Audrey Russo is here. 

It felt good to get this story onto the airwaves. 

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