Monday, October 02, 2023
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Join me at my Patreon channel for an informal chat and continuing discussion about giving the ol' red thread a tug. What I mean by that is -- in the spirit of my 2019 book on the ideological drivers of the anti-Trump conspiracy The Red Thread -- pulling together all of the criminals and thugs at the top of our government and related institutions who rose on or with communist connections or even cycled through communism -- or even Moscow/Beijing -- in their formative years. It's time to take stock. Or, better, face facts. 


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That's a one-thousand-word-picture, all right, but somehow I can't sputter out a single one.

Another DC jury handed down another J6 conviction today, this one to documentary-maker, Stephen Horn, who, as Revolver News put it,"has now been branded a `rioter' by the very system he was exposing."  

As a part of that very system, CBS's Scott MacFarlane isn't one to try to disguise his satisfaction. Then again, so deeply embedded in the Swamp is MacFarlane that perhaps he is unable to operate, report, or even think outside of his obvious identification with the Swamp. 

That's how it struck me on watching his two-minute wrap-up of the Horne verdict -- which stands as an astonishing example of I know not quite what. Certainly, it is the Soliloquy of the Regime Mouthpiece; a media man so smug, so predictable, and, above all, so oblivious to his own mental limitations...

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It's not only that a reporter wrote this; an editor read it; a media company published it. They are all guilty of collaboration with a vicious regime that conducts show trials on a par with North Korea, the USSR, Communist China. They are also incredibly stupid or brainwashed (or both).

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