Monday, December 11, 2023
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As I try to pack up here and take in these many years of wars, lies, and other means of "death by a thousand cuts" of our world, I find on Twitter/X at the account of Renaud Camus a piece that chronicles the past several decades of Islamization with degrading precision.

Translated from French by Google:

"No problem," by Georges de la Fully [November 12, 2018]:

“When they spoke loudly at the cinema, at the concert, and in the restaurant, it didn’t matter.

When they passed you, even though you had been waiting in line for a while, it was no big deal.

When they put their feet on the subway seats, it didn't matter.

When they smoked on the train, it wasn't a big deal.

When they traveled without paying, it was no big deal.

When they...

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Dear Friends,

I want you all to know that December 31 will be the last day that this website,, will be online. My host no longer wishes to run the site, and it turns out that the site's very structure is obsolete, making a simple export of the content to a new host not simple at all -- in fact, not in the realm of doable.

I have mixed feelings about this -- and, I will add, that's progress. Initially, as this crossroads loomed, the thought of all of these years of work -- this record (2007- 2023) -- going dark and disappearing from view in a keystroke or two was rather devastating. Was I dying, too? To be sure, my "presence" online will no longer have this homebase and its files and attic to riffle through, but, on reflection, I find there is something to be said for setting aside the burden and wiggling free. After all, writers of yore, that period which stops with the Internet, never had to carry around with them and display every bit and scrap they ever wrote. Desk drawers, old trunks, mom's attic and, of course, trash baskets were the repositories of choice.  


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What follows is an entry from 2016 which I think captures the essence of a special streak of perversion (one of so many) inflicted by the US government on our people, in this case the US military. It entailed the forced subordination of Americans to the cult of Islam, a mission which parrallels our government-forced subordination to Marxism (aka liberalism, progressivism, woke-ism, etc.). Perhaps it is the case that this breaking of the US military was the main mission of the US government/military in Afghanistan.  

Speaking of Petraeus and Mattis -- "the two general officers who catalyzed the new [COIN] doctrine" --  behold...

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Some years ago, when it still seemed possible to mount a defense if only we could just unmask the enemy, a retired senior intelligence officer passed along an essay about Henry Kissinger by "one Charles Viar," whom the retired officer described as a friend of the late James Jesus Angleton. It is called "The Curious Case of Henry Alfred Kissinger." I don't know the author; I don't know if his essay was ever published. My friend, however, thought it was worth reading. And so it is, if only for Viar's  claim:

After his enforced departure from the Agency in 1973, Angleton publicly stated with qualified precision that Kissinger was “objectively, a Soviet agent.” But for a man who had once trained at Harvard Law School, objective and witting were entirely different things. He remained agnostic until his death in 1987.

I think I just heard an echoing gun from the battle,...

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This is fascism telling Tommy Robinson that his presence in London will cause "alarm and distress" -- "reason enough," he writes, "for them to arrest me and remove me from the area and prevent me from reporting on the antisemitism march." 


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